Monday, January 9, 2012

Bad Blogger

OK...I admit it. I am a bad blogger. I can't ever come up with anything creative to post and just think to myself...who would want to read anything I write? So instead, I just don't post. Well new year means new goals so I think one of my goals will be to get better about blogging. Regardless if it is just a link up or if it is a random post about my family or friends...I gotta get better about this if I ever want to make a true go of it.

I have some friends that are fantastic bloggers and I find myself reading their blogs and shaking my head and totally agreeing with what they say and feeling that I totally relate but I can't seem to formulate the words to come up with my own post without hijacking their ideas...even if we are very similar.

So let's just hope that this year I can make a go of it!