Saturday, July 30, 2011


YAY! It's Saturday! Hooray for the weekend! Hooray for being that much closer to school starting. D is ready and so am I.

Today has been a fairly productive day. I started my morning by taking my mom the the commissary on Base to get her groceries. It is so much cheaper there. Then I came home and ate lunch. After lunch I was bored and my normal chatting buddy wasn't online so I decided to clean the boys rooms. D's room was pretty easy to clean. Then I go into Monkey's room. His wasn't too bad but he has a ton of bins and little drawer thingys that have I started organizing. 2 hours later I finally finish!

I decided to kick back and relax and watch some Harry Potter (love me some HP) even though Bubba refuses to watch it with me. Then I soaked in the tub and finished off yet another book.

Got out and played a game of Backgammon with D and now I am patiently waiting on Bubba to return home with my Texas Cheese Fries from Chilis. He was against going until he came in and saw me perusing the menu anyhow and his mouth started watering ... he is now on his way.

Bedtime is soon and I am ready for some quiet and no kids pulling on me or fighting with one another or getting hurt.


Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm THAT Girl

So recently I have begun following a few blogs that my friend also follows because we have the same great taste. There is one in particular called that has a post on being THAT girl. Well I decided to make my own list. What kind of girl am I? Read on to find out....

I am THAT girl that occasionally asks her friends for their opinions on her blog posts because my creativeness seems to run dry the later the day gets.

I am THAT girl that loves to be a girly girl in a house FULL of boys.

I am THAT girl that bakes for a living but doesn't like sweets.

I am THAT girl that would rather have a Mt. Dew than water.

I am THAT girl that locks herself in the bathroom when the hubby gets home with a good book just to escape the testosterone.

I am THAT girl that will do anything for my friends or family and they know it.

So...What kind of girl are you?



D had his second Karate class last night. He did wonderful. He got to break a board and earn his first belt (A white belt) and he was so proud of himself. He was simply beaming. And great mom that I am couldn't figure out my camera so all the pictures came out dark. Boooo. Anyhow, we think this will be a great outlet for D for his anger. That child has no fuse. He goes from happy to completely ticked in the blink of an eye. It will also teach him to focus and learn self-control and self-discipline. Keep checking back for more updates on his progress through the wonderful world of Karate. Next time I promise to get some decent pictures. Until then here is one of him in his uniform.



Thursday, July 28, 2011

What I'm Playing Thursday!


Today's post is brought to you by . This is what I am playing today (And totally jammin out now). So thanks for posting Southern Belle!

Adele ~ Rolling in the Deep

Black Horse and a Cherry Tree ~ KT Tunstall

Tonight (I'm loving you) ~ Enrique Iglesias

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Screaming then sweet!!

So D has been bored out of his mind since summer began, sure we have those days where they are filled with things to do and stuff to keep both boys occupied. D also wants to be a chef one day (well this year). I have also been struggling with him when it comes to eating dinner at night. He is very picky (and rightfully so with a nut allergy that almost killed him) anyhow, I decided to let him help plan the menu and choose what we will have for dinner so maybe he will be more likely to eat.

The first few nights of this went well. He picked what he wanted from the menu and we made that and he ate. Then the struggles began. Tonight was a HUGE pain in the tush. He decided on BBQ Chicken, Candied Carrots and then Monkey got to pick the starch since he doesn't like Candied Carrots but D does. So Monkey picks Mac N Cheese. No biggie right. Every kid loves Mac N Cheese. Not D. He says to me "I am not really a cheese eater mom" Ok no biggie. So we make dinner and take it to the table and D starts in with the waterworks. He is so upset I thought maybe there was a bug on his plate or something. No he is upset because he didn't want that kind of pasta so he is just not going to eat.

I kindly told him that he eats what is made for dinner or he can go to bed without eating (Yes horrid mom I know). It took him about an hour but he finally ate (sans Mac N Cheese) and we went on with our evening.

As D is getting ready for bed and relaxing he comes in and tells me that when he moves out and gets a house of his own that since I like to bake and since I am so good at it that maybe I should go on Food Network and be on a Challenge show. You could win mom, he says.

So I I alone in that my child goes from Screaming to Sweet within an hour? I can't be alone.

Ahhh the joys of motherhood!

Monkey Is Famous!

So, a few weeks ago I had entered a picture of Monkey with a site for mom's called and he is the featured picture for this week! Check it out!


Hello and welcome to my blog. I plan to write daily about my life and my boys and what they do on a day to day basis. I might include my husband if he is on my good side that day!

I am a SAHM to my two sons, D is 7 and about to start 2nd grade in less than two weeks and this momma can't wait. Monkey is 4 and looks like he is about 2 :) He is tiny. He is the one that climbs on everything (hence the name Monkey). I am also wife to Bubba who works full time to keep the family fed and happy!

So far today all that has went on are a lot of summer quotes such as :

" I'm bored"
" He won't stop taking my toys"
" He is scaring me"

Just the general terms of summer!

We also met up with a few friends for lunch at McD's and let the kids run off some energy though D and Monkey are still raring and ready to do something else. I just want a nap.

Also a quick shout out to my friend Trixie who set up this blog for me because I am challenged in that area. I am lucky that all you have to do is just type something in this box and click Publish and it goes up. That is my computer knowledge, so thanks again Trixie for the help!